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Being in the market for more than 20 years, EasyPay has been enriched throughout the years by listening carefully to the needs of the various industries in Singapore. Today, EasyPay is being used by over 10,000 companies around the region. Since then, EasyPay has received many awards for its excellence and has consistently achieved extremely high customer satisfaction ratings and top ranking brand recognition, resulting in having a total market share greater than the other competitors combined.

Key Strengths

  • Easy to use GUIs and Wizards
  • Cooperation with government agencies
  • Current with up to date legislation requirements
  • Flexibility to create your own customized fields and reports
  • Innovative with creative enhancements
  • Integration to other systems via Import and Export Facility
  • Scalability to cater for unlimited history information
  • Security ensured with complete audit trails and flexible user security setting

EasyPay Awards

Payroll Software Vendor Of The Year 2009
Payroll Software Vendor Of The Year 2008
Payroll Software Vendor Of The Year 2007
Payroll Software Vendor Of The Year 2006
Most Popular Payroll Software 2006
Best Singapore Software "Every year of award"
Top HR Software Supplier
The Human Resources Trends Survey 2004