For companies with an active WhyzeHR

  • To use SingPass to login to WhyzeHR, you will need to first register your WhyzeHR login with your SingPass.

    1) Login to WhyzeHR HR Portal using your Company ID, Login ID and Password.


    2) Tap "My Details".

    My detail

    3) Tap "Register SingPass Login".


    4) Enter your SingPass ID and your WhyzeHR Login Password.

    ID & Password

    5) Tap "Ok" to register your WhyzeHR Login ID with your SingPass.

    6) Once registered successfully, you will see your SingPass ID updated on the screen.


    You can logout and re-login by scanning the QR Code using SingPass App.

    1) Open your SingPass App on your Android or iOS phone. (You can download SingPass App on your Android Google Play OR iOS App Store.)

    2) Tap "SCAN" on SingPass App and scan the QR Code on WhyzeHR HR Portal login screen.


    3) App will show the date and time. Tap "Yes" to continue.


    4) App will prompt for SingPass passcode or fingerprint for verification.

    5) Once verified successfully, your WhyzeHR HR Portal will be logged in.

For companies without an active WhyzeHR

  • Login to WhyzeHR via SingPass requires an acitve WhyzeHR account.

    You can contact our sales representative to find out how you can purchase WhyzeHR account for your company.

    Email: enquiry@whyze.com.sg

    Contact: (65) 6838 0161

    Business hour: 9.00am to 6.00pm (Singapore time) Monday to Friday except Public Holidays