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The Employment Act Changes
What To Watch Out For In Payroll Processing?
Making Bonus Easy with Easy Pay

Year End IR8A workshop

Year End IR8A Hands-on Training

Briefing Session on New september 2011 CPF Rates with Easy Pay Enterprise

Essentials of Payroll Administration

Essentials of Payroll Administration & Company Compliance
TMS Appreciation Seminar

Essentials of Payroll Administration


Workshops & Seminars
1st - 2nd November 2017 (Wednesday - Thursday)

Future Economy Conference And Exhibition

31st July 2017 (Monday)

Heartland Enterprise Seminar

27th June 2017 (Tuesday)

Capability Workshop on HR Management

5th April 2017 (Wednesday)

SME Conference

December 2016 to January 2017

Year-end Workshop and Training

1st April 2016 (Friday)

SME Conference

30th March 2016 (Wednesday)

Heartland Enterprise Seminar

21st January 2016 (Thursday)

Updates on Itemised Payslips & KET Event

3rd December 2015 (Thursday)

EPE Bonus & Year-end Workshop

19th November 2015 (Thursday)

FMAS & MOM Event

18th November 2015 (Wednesday)

EPE booth @ Nordic European Centre

1st September 2015 (Tuesday)

SME Centre Event

21st August 2015 (Friday)

2nd SME Centre Conference

22nd April 2015 (Wednesday)

EPE booth @ Frontier Singapore